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8 Things To Consider Before Moving Into A Retirement Community In Australia

The retirement community is such a word which brings a feeling of ‘what if’ among the senior citizens who are…

By Eve Sticht , in Real Estate , at August 15, 2018

The retirement community is such a word which brings a feeling of ‘what if’ among the senior citizens who are considering to choose between living independently but lonely or living with a community which might not facilitate them as per the expectations. It is a feeling that most people go through when they are about to do something, they have not done before. 

Retirement places should facilitate the lifestyles of individuals instead of taking them a giant step backward. The Village Retirement Community in Australia is one of the most popular ones due to its clear focus on lifestyle factor and its maintenance. Each year, a number of people apply to become a part of the village due to the satisfaction of its residents over the standard of living being offered. But not all communities are similar, therefore, you should consider certain aspects before becoming a part of one.  


Food is the most important thing when you are going anywhere for the living. When it comes to shifting to a senior citizen community in Australia then you should know whether you would be served a meal or it would be mass produced, if you will have to cook it yourself or there would be a chef or waiting staff, what if you need a snack or something to nibble over during any time of the day? All these are important considerations for your decision making.

Opportunity for Community

Whether you are living in an independent community or considering to become a part of the assisted retirement community, you should know what opportunities of meeting up and interacting with other people are being provided. It is important to know about the sightseeing, cultural pursuits, entertainment, religious services and others activities which are up for grabs commonly.


It is the on-site services which distinguish the great communities like The Village in Australia from the rest of a lot of the adequate ones. Amenities like laundry services, gardens, hair salons, libraries, housekeeping, cinemas etc. are important to help you decide and hence, should be considered very minutely.

Healthy Lifestyle

Retirees want to maintain a healthy lifestyle hence, the great retirement homes should focus on the wellness aspect a lot. They should provide its residents with enough facilities to do exercise with respect to the age that they could keep themselves fit. In fact, some communities have been offering swimming classes as well to promote the healthy lifestyle among its senior citizens.

Pets Rules

Some retirement communities have pet’s friendly policies while others do not. So if you currently have a cat or a dog then you should consider choosing that Australian retirement home which is willing to accommodate them else you will have to let go of it which would be very painful.

Independent Vs. Assisted Retirement Community

There are independent retirement communities where you are responsible for yourself to a great extent then there are assisted retirement homes which allow you extra assistance and care to get done with your post-retirement days. You will have to choose which one you would like to opt out for? If you have no memory issues and are on your own health wise then you should go with the first option else second it is.

Means of Transportation

It is very important to be aware of the modes of transportation that a retirement community supports. If you own a car then your chosen community should allow you to keep one and also, should provide you with sufficient space. While otherwise, they should have a shuttle service with a weekly plan or a nearby public transportation facility at least.

Supportive To Interests & Hobbies

A good retirement home in Australia should support your activities of interest as well as help you in pursuing your hobbies. It should not be like that you sign up for a retirement home and when you go there, you do not have anything of interest to do and end up getting bored in a hurry.

Family Visit Rules

Every retirement community has certain rules regarding family visits, Make sure you are aware of all of them i.e. when your son or daughter visits you or when your grandchildren are in town and want to live for a while with you. You should know how much accommodating your community is or would be.

Last but not the least, cost always play a key role in deciding where to stay and with how many amenities. Because with each amenity you seek, the cost would go up. So be prepared for that and be very minute while deciding which facilities you will be requiring and which ones are just an extra for the retirement homes.