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Amazing Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Are you upset with your unwanted hair? Can you not wear your favorite dresses? Does repeated hair growth bother you?…

By Eve Sticht , in Health & Beauty , at September 17, 2019

Are you upset with your unwanted hair? Can you not wear your favorite dresses? Does repeated hair growth bother you? Fed up of waxing and shaving? Want to get rid of unwanted hair without burning or irritation? Then laser hair removal can be a good option.  

What actually laser hair removal is?  

Unwanted hair has always been a problem for humans and removing them is the another most bothering problem. So, laser hair removal in Perth is a new development in this field. Laser technology has taken the world by storm. Many people are choosing it over regular waxing, threading, and shaving. It is a quite simple process of removing unwanted hair from the body by application of light rays. This treatment not only removes the hair but also slows down their growth. In this process, laser light is applied which gets absorbed in the skin rejuvenation in Perth and converts into heat which tends the hair follicle destroyed.  

Why laser hair removal? 

 Several methods can be applied to remove hair from threading to waxing and shaving but none of them is able to prevent hair growth for a long time. However, most of these methods also cause irritation, cuts or burning sensation, and the intervals are often very short due to fast hair growth. On the contrary, laser technology is quite useful for hassle-free hair removal.  

In what ways can laser treatment be useful? 

Since, his is not a hair removal process but also causes a long-term reduction of hair. The skin you feel after the treatment is soft and delicate without any hair. Even the hardest and thickest hair can be removed easily. The process has several sittings and you will feel the visible difference and the countless benefits. Let’s discuss them.  

1. Precision:  

The laser applied removes dark hair down the follicle and does not harm the surrounding skin. The laser is also very much useful for dark skin tone.  

2. Speed:  

This is a fast process, but the exact time depends upon the type of body part. Many hairs can be removed in less than a second. Hair in small areas of the body can be removed in no time. Results can be seen in a few weeks, but you will definitely save yourself from repeated shaving and waxing.  

3. Cost-effective:  

Primarily the cost of laser treatment is not low but if you compare it with the amount of money you spend on waxing, shaving, and creams you will find laser treatment more economical. Plus, you will save your time that would be wasted on regular waxing and shaving.  

4. No wait for the session:  

You can also opt for the treatment earlier than your expected session as laser treatment does not require a thick surface of hair before treatment. Taking early sessions prevent new hair from growing. However, in other methods, you must wait for your hair to grow long enough to be removed.  

5. No pain:  

Unlike waxing and threading, laser treatment is not painful. Waxing stretches your skin to remove hair, laser treatment does not involve any painful process.  

6. Permanent hair loss:  

Hair that grows after laser hair removal is thinner and lesser than those prior to the treatment. It has been seen that permanent hair loss occurs in 3 to 7 sessions and the results are effective. In most cases, hair growth is reduced by 80%.  

7. Fewer side effects:  

Not many side effects are observed. Some side effects can be observed in certain skin types, and those observed disappear in a few days. 

 8. Use on face:  

Laser hair removal is also suitable for face use. It is most useful for removing upper lip hair, check line hair and hair at and below the chin. However, use near eye areas should be prevented. The laser treatment is not recommended to use on eyebrows. Directly seeing into the laser beam can also be dangerous for your eyes.  

Final thoughts  

Laser treatment is a new solution to the oldest problems. Unwanted hair can decline your confidence and traditional hair removal methods often painful and time-consuming. Laser treatment gets you rid of all these problems and gives you a smooth hair-free skin. Now you can wear what you want without worrying about unwanted hair. Boost your confidence with long-lasting smooth skin which is only possible with laser treatment.