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Different patterns of encaustic tiles, mosaic tiles and tessellated tiles

We get to see that as the time is passing by; people are inventing latest and better versions to improve…

By Eve Sticht , in Small Business Services , at January 22, 2020

We get to see that as the time is passing by; people are inventing latest and better versions to improve their lifestyles. As we can see that man has discovered every such thing which fulfils his basic needs so now he has headed towards the accessories or the things that can enhance the value of existing things. Let us take an example of the construction of a house; we know that shelter is the basic requirement of human beings so people have invented ways to build house for themselves. Soon after that, they started looking for ways which can enhance the outlook and value of their house. Such things can be productive as well as luxurious like chandeliers, tiles, etc. Tile is one such product which not only beautifies the whole look of the place but also is productive in so many ways. In this article, we will be discussing about the different patterns of encaustic tiles based in Melbourne, mosaic tiles and tessellated tiles.  


It is said that man is never satisfied with what he has, he always keep looking for something more. Similarly, soon after man invented the way to construct house, he started his quest to discover such products that could beautify the overall look of the house. One such constructive product is known as tile. Tiles can be defined as the thin, slab like structures which are either made up of clay or are composed by the combination of various elements. These tiles are placed on the top of a flat surface to cover floor, walls or tables. The use of tiles has been going on since ages. However, now we can see the better and modified versions of the tiles. 

Every product that exists in this world comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes disadvantages overshadow advantages while there are other times when advantages of a product exceed disadvantages. In case of tiles, the pros surely overcome the cons because we rarely find any disadvantage in tiles.  The long lasting nature of tiles, their resistance against extreme weather conditions and their low maintenance quality can be counted as few of many advantages of tiles. 

Pattern of encaustic tiles: 

Encaustic tiles are the kind of tiles that are mainly made up of cement or clay. They differ from other kinds of tiles on the basis of their composition and pattern. One thing that is quite noticeable in the pattern of encaustic tiles is that they are hand decorated and the patterns are made by the use of different colours of clay. Encaustic tiles are mostly used as the centre piece of any room. They are most commonly made by the combination of two colours but sometimes the colours might exceed to six. 

Pattern of mosaic tiles: 

Mosaic tiles are made by the combination of different materials. These materials might include ceramic, glass, stones and other such things. The pattern of mosaic tiles is quite eye catching because they are formed by the combination of thousands of small pieces which are attached together. The final result that we get by the combination of these tiny pieces is extraordinary. They are most commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms.  

Pattern of tessellated tiles: 

Tessellated tiles are one of the most modified versions of the tiles. The word tessellated has been originated from geometric version of mathematics where similar shapes are joined together without any gap. Similar is the case with tessellated tiles in which multiple numbers of tiles are joined together without leaving any space or gap. These tiles are of same shape but are put together in such a way that they give an extraordinarily hypnotizing look. 


Tiles are the thin slab like structures that are placed on the top of flat surfaces to enhance their look and for various other productive purposes. There are many different types of tiles which differ on the basis of their composition and patterns. Mosaic tiles, encaustic tiles and tessellated tiles have quite different patterns which are amazingly unique. “Tessellated tile factory” offers their services to install the best quality of encaustic tiles, mosaic tiles and tessellated tiles.