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Having a child can be one of the most magical experiences that a couple can share together. It is something…

By Eve Sticht , in Medical Services , at August 15, 2018

Having a child can be one of the most magical experiences that a couple can share together. It is something that most of us look forward to having in our futures, as children can really just complete our family. However, contrary to popular belief, getting pregnant actually is not that easy. There are so many factors that come into play when trying for pregnancy, and there is actually only around a 15 percent chance that the couple will conceive. While those of us who do not have a pregnancy anywhere on the cards for the future can be bothered by this, for couples who have been trying to get pregnant, the delay can be exhausting at best and life-consuming and daunting at worst. It isn’t hard to fathom why, either; couples can look forward to having a baby to complete their families and to have that unconditional love in their lives. You may be experiencing pregnancy related issues for a number of reasons, and sometimes it is even advisable to head over for a consultation even before you begin trying to conceive. Infertility can make everything seem like an uphill battle, and the process can be exhausting without any help. A good specialist can help you get your life on track and can provide the best possible solutions for you to expand your family. 

There are so many reasons that may cause complications in conceiving or pregnancy. Ailments such as diabetes, pelvic diseases and undergoing radiation therapy for cancer can have an adverse effect on the reproductive system and can lead to difficulties. Furthermore, conception gets increasingly difficult with age, with women over the ages of 35 having difficulties being advised to seek help earlier than those under that age limit. Genetics can also often play a huge part in affecting pregnancy. For those already daunted by the process, the presence of such a wide range of reasons can make it seem like fighting a losing battle. However, the case is quite the opposite. Solutions exist to most of these problems, and it is very rare that the complications can be so severe that the couple cannot conceive. With modern day technology, you can be sure that with a few consultations with a competent doctor, you will be well on your way to having to have your baby!  

Without a specialist help, many of us can never really get to the root of the problem and can thus be wasting precious time trying to conceive. If you are based in Melbourne, you need to look no further than fertility doctor Melbourne Dr. Joseph Sgroi, as he can provide you the all-around care that you may need. Catering to male and female infertility issues, and in the areas of gynaecology, you can discuss all your problems in one fertility clinic Melbourne, and with full compassion, commitment, and support from the doctors’ side. Dr. Joseph specialises in providing not just a one size fits all solution, but a solution taking into consideration your needs and medical history. The initial consultation will cover all your family history, current symptoms, and any previous treatments, for a fully holistic treatment. You can be sure that your satisfaction is the top priority in this fertility clinic.

Many couples trying to conceive can get frustrated over the cause of their complications, and consultations with inexperienced doctors or self-diagnosis over the internet can only make the already emotional process much worse. Dr. Joseph’s fertility clinic can help you not only identify the issues at hand, but also to develop a plan to combat them. Advancements in the fields of science and medicines have made the impossible possible, and so you can put your worries to rest – having a baby truly isn’t as hard as it may seem right now, with the right care and procedures.

Soon, you can also be on the right track to building a family. All it takes is care and compassion, and just the right treatments tailored for your body. You can also pick Dr. Joseph for his obstetric and gynaecological care. Having been featured in acclaimed media such as the Sydney Morning Herald and MamaMia, you can rest assured that you are in the safest of hands.