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Have Someone Teach You First Aid

What are the handful of things you believe will help you improve your life and become a stronger and more…

By Eve Sticht , in Skills & Training , at January 17, 2018

What are the handful of things you believe will help you improve your life and become a stronger and more influential human being to those around you? What do you want do with your future that will help you just feel better about being alive? How much time do you have to commit to something new, which will help you lead a happier existence and will have others asking what it is that makes you so excited? These are just some of the queries we might ask of ourselves at any given time, especially when we are not entirely content with where we are in life and are eager to explore other avenues that we may or may not find quite interesting. 

Do a course 

One way of exploring new options is by signing up for a class within various fields of influence. If you have done the initial studies already, then a first aid refresher course Perth and other areas such as a mental health awareness course Australia will really help you understand where you might want to go in life, especially if you have a heart and some brain for trying to save lives. You don’t have to go on to be a doctor or some sort of qualified nurse, but you might just want to upskill yourself enough so that if the need to help someone does come along, you will feel more than comfortable to try. 

Don’t be shy 

When you are in the course and there is stuff that you don’t understand a bit or is going over your head entirely, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want to. After all, the more you put in will have you get out more, and this will help you pass with flying colours – the test and the scenario. While you will probably have to do a test, hopefully you will never be placed in a scenario where you have to try save a life with or without somebody’s help. If you do find yourself in such a situation, though, you should be able to get through it with relative ease – and hopefully save that precious life that was put in your hands to help save.  

Don’t go it alone 

The more the merrier, the old saying says, so perhaps do the course as group activity with those who need the refresher. If this is your circle of friends, or more people from your family tree, or a bunch of people from your place of work – they can all be encouraged to get involved. 


Whether you go to a different building block to do it or have an outsourced company to come in and teach you, you are advised to see what options are around and then carefully plot them into your day to day life. Pick up the phone or click through an email after doing a quick search for the right service provider and then make the booking. You won’t be sorry and you will instead benefit from their expertise.