Monday, September 16, 2019
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Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

The name Cosmetic dentistry is always considered as a symbol of fakeness, because, the era we live in everything with a word cosmetic is…

By Eve Sticht , in Dental Care , at August 16, 2018

The name Cosmetic dentistry is always considered as a symbol of fakeness, because, the era we live in everything with a word cosmetic is considered as artificial, and waste of money. But before labelling anything as completely non-essential one always need to research about the pros and cons of every treatment, specially its benefits and hazards on health and how it can bring back the lost confidence of a person. Not only cosmetic procedures are linked with a photogenic smile but they can be really life changing for your dental problems. Either its whitening the discoloured teeth, aligning disfigured jaw, or replacing a missing tooth, dental treatments can be a game changer for your life keeping in mind both the benefits and risks of these procedures to maintain the overall oral hygiene in the long run. In this age there is almost no problem which doesn’t have a solution in medical science today, from mild scaling to polishing, using braces or veneers, dental boding for enhancing the beauty of your teeth to fillings for rejuvenating the chipped tooth, you just name a problem and dentist has a solution for it. Some of the pros and cons of cosmetic dental treatments are: 

Some solutions to your teeth issues: 

You name your dental problem whether it is stains, misshapen teeth, cracks in your oral cavity, or chipped tooth, every dental problem has a different solution and procedure to treat. Dental erosion and discoloration can actually make you ten year older than your actual age, minor dental issue to major ones a dentist can take you years back in age. Procedures such as veneers, bridges, tooth whitening, braces are preferred immensely in the field of dentistry. Out of many procedures and treatments on top of the list some advantages for cosmetic dentistry Camberwell are: 

  • It brightens and straightens your smile. 
  • It removes and repairs stains, chips, and breakages in the teeth. 
  • It can boost your confidence. 
  • It inspires patients to practice healthy oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily. 
  • It helps with gum problems 

Risks of these Procedures: 

Where there are perks there are some risks and disadvantages as well. But the good news is there aren’t much disadvantages as its benefits. Beside countless advantages, several disadvantages of cosmetic dentistry are  

  • Certain procedures of cosmetic dentistry can be costly. Like crowns and veneers can cost you your months of savings. 
  • before investing always consult with a specialist whether You should really go for this procedure  
  • Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can cause pain. Understand that you may be required to receive anaesthesia for some of the more intensive procedures. 
  • Since cosmetic dentistry is more about appearance and repair you may have to avoid eating certain things.  
  • You may not be able to eat food that causes food sensitivity and foods that will stain your teeth. 

Your smile is everything: 

Oral health and structure can affect your overall personality. Your nice bright smile is the first thing anyone will notice about you, and no doubt if your teeth are not attractive it will affect people’s perception about you. People can often reject the idea of cosmetic surgery or other procedures by saying it’s a mere waste of money and artificial but considering in a long run your whole life can change when you will experience a sudden boost in confidence. Moreover a bright beautiful smile can open many paths in your life because a confident person will always smile the brightest, and to achieve the best smile some investment on yourself is worth your time and money.  

Self-care is not always selfish. Interestingly many studies have been conducted on the impact of cosmetic procedures on other people’s perceptions, however there is no denial that before and after pictures of people are almost unrecognisable when it comes to transformation. And more importantly this feeling of self-confidence and considering their selves beautiful is something strangely pleasant and once was beyond their thoughts. For instance if we have to give an example, just a little effort combined with professional teeth whitening just a few veneers rightly placed, can tremendously enhance your smile 10 times and bring about a subtle but beneficial transformation which you would have never imagined. Today’s investment can benefit you for the rest of your life sometimes.