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Quick Guide To Making Fitness Easy

  Being healthy is probably the greatest gift a person can have. Forced to choose between any number of things:…

By Eve Sticht , in Health & Fitness , at March 1, 2018


Being healthy is probably the greatest gift a person can have. Forced to choose between any number of things: wealth, travel, status, you name it, health nearly always comes out on top. The only thing likely to trump it on a regular basis is happiness, and to be honest, the two, health and happiness tend to go hand-in-hand. But as much as we say that being healthy id a gift it is also something that you can actively control in many ways. You can’t necessarily control it entirely but you can have a big impact on things like diet and fitness which in turn impact massively oh health. So by way of helping you stay in shape, here’s a quick guide to some fun alternative ways of staying fit. 

Make a game out of it 
So often people try to exercise simply for the sake of exercising, there is no other purpose to it. It can be quite a soulless thing. So make a game of it. There are plenty of companies these days who offer tracking devices that measure things like heart beat and movement and steps and such things. Companies like Jumpa, make a smart watch fitness app which track your daily activities. It allows you to set goals and to strive, across the span of a day to meet them. It doesn’t mean that you have to be out running marathons, all it does is encourage you to be the most active version of yourself in your daily routine 

Get a hobby 
Exercise doesn’t have to mean running or spinning at the gym. It just means getting out and doing things instead of sitting in front of the television and eating crisps. What about something like fishing? It involves spending time in nature which can have phenomenal mental health benefits but it also gets you out walking and doing things. And if you actually catch something it is great fun and a real adrenaline rush. 

Get a dog 
Looking after yourself can be easy to ignore. But looking after another creature requires responsibility and dedication. Dogs need to be walked and washed and fed and loved. They also love you back and appreciate the efforts you make for them. If the imploring look in a dog’s eye at walk time is not enough to get you out there with your pooch, beating the pavement or strolling the beach, then there is not much that is going to move you. 

It requires no special skills at all, it’s just the opportunity to lose yourself amongst a crowd of people, all moving and swaying to the same beat. Throw away all inhibitions and move. Anybody who has ever spent a night partying at a club will tell you that it is great fun and a lot of hot work as well. If you are able to ensure that  the evenings exertions are not undone through excessive drinking or smoking then you will find that by the end of the night you have blown off some steam and worked off some weight as well. You might have a ringing in your ears in the morning but you will be healthier.