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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer For Memories

Becoming parents is one of the most divine and blessed feelings to have, it is like rearing a part of…

By Eve Sticht , in Baby , at August 10, 2018

Becoming parents is one of the most divine and blessed feelings to have, it is like rearing a part of you the way you want and then seeing it winning at life later on. Throughout the process of nurturing, parents love to photograph each and every move of their kid in order to not miss out on anything important as well as to make the memories to reflect back at some point in time.    

Nowadays, there has been a raving trend in Australia of hiring a professional baby photographer to have a visually aesthetic photoshoot of the baby at your place or that of the photographer resulting into the final outcome which makes you drool over the cuteness of your baby.  

Though, majority of the parents do the job of shooting the kids themselves, still there are a sufficient reasons to hire a professional photographer to handle the photo shoot sessions of your newborn at least once in a lifetime so you could have an aesthetically sound memory, different from many of the memories that you would have in your phone.  

Reason to Hire Professional Baby Photographer 

There are many baby photographers in Australia offering their services at varying prices, some use the same standard methods while other go to the extra mile to give it a touch of personification and connection as per the parents’ desire, depending upon the budget. One such photographer is Siobhan Wolff who has been into this field from the past 6 years, as a mother of three children the photographer knows how important and swift the newborn phase in a kid’s life is. Hence it is made sure that the essence of it is captured in its true colours by Siobhan Wolff.  This approach makes them differ from rest of the lot in terms of the quality as well as creativity in photography. 

However, the key is to having someone professional aboard to do the job for you. 

Striking Poses 

It is a known fact that newborn babies cannot pose for the photos themselves the way we often see in the professional photography. Even parents cannot make them do it. It is the expertise of the baby photographer Melbourne who does this job with finesse. They know that a kids’ head is heavy and cannot be lifted by the kids themselves so they set up the props in a way which coax the baby to be laid down that way. Also, assistant of the photographer never leaves the hold of the baby, that’s where the photoshop skills of the professional baby photographer in Australia comes handy.


Newborn babies are restless as they move a lot without giving you a heads up. But the professional newborn photographer makes sure that the assistant is there to look out for the kid throughout the process of the photography. Even the poses are assisted considering the safety of the newborn which are later treated in photoshop to make the assistant’s hands disappear.

Props & Stuff

A good and organic baby photography is not at all an easy feat as it requires the specific props, tools, and equipment as well as a customised setting to be adorned for your newborn. Such things are not readily available to the parents but a professional photographer in Melbourne. A good photographer likes to click the baby in its natural and organic demeanor to balance the professionalism of photography with the natural innocence of the baby and to keep it from being a loud kitsch.

Professional Editing

As mentioned earlier, a neat photography is not a mere quality of camera but editing skills of the photographer as well. Especially when it comes to photography of newborn in Australia then half of the job is done on the photoshop. Therefore, this skill set in your chosen photographer has to be proficient. One should also know that if photographing a baby with the help of assistant takes 2 hours for example then post-shoot editing takes away 4 to 5 hours of its time. Hence, professional editing of the photographer is pivotal for the newborns’ photo shoot.

Experience Matters

Even if it’s your 3rd or 4th child, you still could not match with the experience of that of the newborn photographer while photo-shooting. Reason being, a mother knows what her kids need but a specialised photographer knows the general instinct of the babies due to the hands-on experience which is required to manage the baby throughout the photoshoot process and making them do things which would bring out the very essence of it. This thing comes with experience only and hence, another reason for you to hire a professional baby photographer in Australia.

Goes without saying that, professional photographers even take care of the poop, pee and untimely spit-up of your baby throughout the shoot, in fact, they often turn this phase into a creative pictorial art or a photograph, without you having to be worried about it. Again, it’s the experience that plays a key role here.