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Smart Ways To Create Great Content For Your Site With A Global Touch

You create content and spend tons of time so that you come up with something interesting. However you notice that your social…

By Eve Sticht , in Digital Marketing , at December 4, 2017

You create content and spend tons of time so that you come up with something interesting. However you notice that your social media accounts, site and blog are not capable of driving results or the number of views as you wish to.  

In the digital marketing world, you have to ensure that you try effective and some great techniques so that your website and social media platforms get visible before your probable customers and viewers. Even, through your digitalised device, you have the whole world at your fingertips; and content that are non-engaging will turn out being a downside for you. However, the great part here is, every time you upload any blog or content online, there is just no way of stopping it from getting viral.  

If you want your content to stand out from the crowd and want it to spread across tall social media platforms, there are some effective ways to do so. A few of them have been mentioned below: 

You need to get controversial 

There are so many people who feel a lot more awkward or shy away when it comes to creating controversial content. They feel afraid of hitting or offending their readers. But, they are wrong here. Even though there could be many people who do not agree with you, there would be a lot many of your audiences who will agree with the writer. All one need to do is select a subject that is relevant in the news. Then all you need to do is relate it to your business. After this you will be able to create something controversial which will attract readers from different areas.  

People prefer responding back to these topics more gladly than they would to reading normal content. This is because everyone has their own point of view for different subjects. This is what will help one to connect with your article.  

But remember one point very carefully: you must not get too aggressive or negative. For sure, you can pin across your opinion as we live in a country where we have the freedom of speech supporting us. Always remember, however, to not spread hate, in whatever form your express. Your argument must be well reasoned. Also, have some relevant data in hand which will back your opinion.  

You must stay unique  

There are so many people writing about the same topic time and again on social networking sites, only with a little change made here and there. Even though that could have worked once in a while, you have to understand that it does not work anymore.  

You need to select a topic which is unique and no one’s written a lot about it. Then go ahead and write what you feel about it, as per your personal style.  

Ignite emotions, this connects readers  

By the word emotion we do not mean you have to make your readers cry. However if you can do so, add additional feathers to your cap. Well done!  

The kind of emotion that you need to induce within your audience that will make your content get viral could be related to a whole array of human feelings. Try and experiment new things. Make your readers laugh, make then cry or simply frustrate them.