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You’re feeling a little down; your nose is stuffy, your head feels heavy, your eyes are watering and red and…

By Eve Sticht , in Medical Services , at August 10, 2018

You’re feeling a little down; your nose is stuffy, your head feels heavy, your eyes are watering and red and you keep sneezing. Sounds like you’ve got a flu. Or, you could be coming down with a fever or a sore throat. In any of these cases, most of the time we feel it best to wait for the symptoms to pass away themselves, rather than heading to a doctor. Most of the time, the symptoms actually do pass away without much medical help and we can feel better soon. However, in some cases, the seemingly benign illness may be a prelude to something much more serious. This is why seeking a regular check up from a general practitioner is very important, as we can stay up to date about the condition of our health. We’ve all heard the stories of visits to the general practitioner which led to the uncovering of some greater, much more serious illness. So, it is very important to stay on our toes regarding our health. A good team of medical practitioners can help us nip any ailments in the bud, and can help us stay healthy and fit.

A problem faced by many as they head to a doctor is that the general practitioner may further recommend that they head elsewhere for a more complete diagnosis of the problem at hand. In most cases, this requires a lot of travelling elsewhere and can be a hassle for someone who is already suffering. In such cases, the best possible thing for a patient can be heading to a clinic which provides all sorts of healthcare, all under one roof. This minimises the time spent untreated for patients, as often times we may even skip heading to another medical professional altogether if we are recommended to do so.  A medical centre Strathpine that functions as a sort of one stop shop for all our medical needs is really the best possible thing for everyone. This can be especially useful for parents with younger children who may not take too kindly to too many trips to the doctor.

A medical centre catering to all our individual health care needs in one place can help all the members of the community on the path to a healthier, better lifestyle. Several studies have assessed that consistent health care can allow people to have a generally better and improved functional ability and quality of life. Life expectancy can also be increased should we seek consistent health care owing to the generally improved quality of living. Think of it this way; just as we must take care of our cars and other vehicles, with regular checkups and oil changes, we must also take care of ourselves to ensure optimum performance. We’ve all got that pesky ache that refuses to go and the headaches that creep up on us every now and then, but somehow we rarely ever think of getting them checked, whereas whenever our cars have the smallest of strange noises the first thing we do is head over to the mechanics.

Gympie Road Medical Centre is a place where we can get all the medical attention that we need, in one place. The medical centre provides a wide range of health services that we can avail, such as maternal and child health, ear health, psychiatric health, pathology services and a wide range of other allied health services. It really is your one stop shop for all the health issues you may be facing. With their super friendly yet highly qualified team, we’re sure you can be in safe hands. Another benefit that you can get from availing their services is that you will be charged through bulk billing, thus minimising any out of pocket costs. So, even those on a tighter budget can avail this superior healthcare as all segments of society deserve access to good health care.

For a better lifestyle, head over to Gympie Road Medical Centre today, and fight whatever ailments you may be facing with their team of qualified professionals. They can take care of whatever it is that you’re facing, be it weight loss issues, mental health problems, or if you just need a general check up. Your health is really covered from all angles.