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The pros and cons of using sandstone tiles

Houses are made once in a lifetime which is why people try to incorporate every such thing in the house…

By Eve Sticht , in Construction & Building , at November 20, 2019

Houses are made once in a lifetime which is why people try to incorporate every such thing in the house which will be long lasting and exquisite looking at the same time. Different houses are made up of different structures and designs but the composition or the material that is used in the making of every house is almost same except for the minute changes which vary according to the budget of a person. Tiles are one such thing which can be seen in every house and apartment. The trend of using tiles as flooring of the house has been going on since decades. In this article, we are going to discuss about one such type of tiles known as sandstone tiles. Moreover, we are also going to discuss about the pros and cons of sandstone tiles. 


Tiles are the thin structures that are composed by the amalgamation of different materials. They come in every shape and size varying from rectangular to square and from diamond shaped to pentagon shape. There are different types of tiles like ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used tiles; they are made by heating the clay and are quite durable. Then there are marble tiles which are composed of limestone, they give an extremely attractive impression. Similarly, there are sandstone tiles. 

Sandstone tiles: 

Sandstone tiles are composed by the mixture of sand and mineral particles along with the traces of binding matrix. They are mostly available in red, golden, brown and yellow colour. Sandstone tiles can be used as the indoor flooring of house as well as for making of outdoor structures. They have the capability to endure extreme weather conditions which is why the use of sandstone tiles as an exterior has been going on since ages. Sandstone tiles are somewhat granular and rough on the surface, but they can be levelled as well. However, the identification of sandstone tiles is that if we observe the tiles closely, we will be able to see granular particles. There are great many advantages of sandstone tiles but there are some disadvantages of using sandstone tiles as well. 

Pros of sandstone tiles: 

Sandstone tiles are being used for ages because of their durable characteristics and their easy installation process. Moreover, they add an aesthetic sense to the structure. As sandstone tiles in Brisbane are composed of natural products which is why they can easily endure the extreme weather conditions like scorching heat and heavy rain. Another advantage of sandstone tile is that they can be painted as well after following few steps of removing the debris and levelling the tiles. 

Cons of using sandstone tiles: 

Softness one such thing which can be counted as the disadvantage of using sandstone tiles as these tiles are not quite hard. Another setback of using sandstone tiles is that even though they can be polished but after being polished they become quite slippery to walk upon. 

Types of sandstone tiles: 

Sandstone tiles can further be divided into various types depending upon their composing material. There are quartz sandstone tiles, these tiles are composed by the combination of sandstone that comprises about more than ninety percent of quartz in it and minute traces of matrix. They naturally exist in grey colour. Similarly, there are feldspar sandstone tiles that are majorly composed of feldspar element along with the traces of matrix.  


Sandstone is the sedimentary rock that is formed by the combination of sand particles along with traces of matrix. These sandstone sedimentary rocks are processed and levelled to achieve the perfect shape of a tile. The shape and size of the tile may vary according to the need. There are various types of sandstone tiles which differ on the basis of the material that they mainly comprise of. The use of sandstone tiles have been going on since ages because they have proved to be quite long lasting. Moreover, they can be used for both purposes; indoor and outdoor purposes. However, there are few setbacks of using sandstone tiles as well. “Gosford quarries sandstone” supplies the best quality and wide variety of sandstone tiles all across the Melbourne.