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What To Do When Your Marriage Is Falling Apart 

Not all marriages end in a fairy tale happy ending. It’s common for most spouses to encounter rough patches in…

By Eve Sticht , in Therapists & Counsellors , at February 14, 2018

Not all marriages end in a fairy tale happy ending. It’s common for most spouses to encounter rough patches in their relationship. However, if you are fighting with your spouse all the time, then it might not be just a stage to get over as a couple. Some problems can push marriages to the brink. If your marriage is on the brink, here are several options for taking action: 

Seek Relationship Therapy  

When any relationship is falling apart, the first thing to do is to try to talk things through. But this is not always easy for most couples. If talking face-to-face is not really working, it’s best to consider family mediation Perth or counselling. If you and your spouse do choose to do so, a professional will provide you with guidance to solve relationship problems. There are many advantages to seeking this kind of professional help; the mediation counsellors involved are familiar with most types of familial problems so you will be in good hands. The counsellors can intervene and act as a calming influence on quarrelling spouses, so you two can talk things through sanely.  

Consider Legal Options 

There are many reasons a marriage might fall apart. For example, money, work problems, physiological issues, or simple just drifting apart as spouses could put any marriage on the brink. However, some spousal problems have legal consequences. For example, is the marriage on the rocks because one spouse is emotionally or physically abusive towards another? Is one spouse becoming too controlling? Are the parties making up lies, especially about finances? If that’s the case, the spouses can consider divorce or legal separation. If domestic abuse is an issue, the spouse who is the victim must take legal action against the other. Not all marriages are worth saving. Sometimes you are better off on your own. Don’t fear divorce too much if that’s the only option to ensure your safety and sanity in the relationship.  

Talk to a Mediator  

If you are considering legal options, you are probably aware that divorces can be nasty and quite expensive. Most of the hassles of divorces can be avoided by the spouses talking to one another. Divorce negotiations can save you and your spouse a lot of money and time. Heavily contested divorces can languish in courtrooms for years to come. Therefore, it’s best to negotiate separations of finances and property out of the courtroom. Divorce lawyers play a role. However, your lawyer won’t be able to help you much if you are unable to talk to your spouse. In that case, hire a divorce mediator from a reputed counselling clinic like A Resolution.  Mediators, unlike lawyers, are committed to making sure that the negotiations are civil and do not fall apart. Mediators will be extremely helpful for you when you are unable to even stand in the same room as your soon-to-be-ex.  

Avoid the Blame Game 

Here’s what absolutely does not help your relationship: blaming the spouse. The blame game will not lead towards reconciliation, resolution, or even a clean divorce. Blaming one another would only make matters worse. If children are involved, it can really strain the fabric of the family. Therefore, expend your energy on solutions, not exacerbating the problem.  

Consider the above options carefully and act accordingly. Try to save your marriage if you can, but also keep the legal options in mind.