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Why Regular Sports Massage Treatment is Necessary?

What is Sports Massage?  First of all, sports massage isn’t something for the athletes and sports’ person only. This is…

By Eve Sticht , in Health & Fitness , at March 28, 2019

What is Sports Massage? 

First of all, sports massage isn’t something for the athletes and sports’ person only. This is usually the misconception because of its name. It is basically for any adult to wishes to treat their muscles with some relaxing time. The massage aims at relaxing the tissues, loosening the muscle and bones. While the muscles and the tissues are main targets for sports massage treatment, there are numerous benefits such as healthy blood flow etc., that come with a sports massage Mornington

In the case of athletes and sports person, sports massage treatment aims at warming up the muscles for the game. This prevents the injuries from jerks or excessive stretching. The methods are different from the regular massage. These methods have been developed over the years to target the right areas with utmost precision. This is due to the advancement of the techniques and methods that sports massage prevents injuries in all physical games.  

Why Sports Massage? 

Every machine that we have around, is dependent on some sort of maintenance. Be it a car or heavy factory machine, it needs constant maintenance which includes a number of tasks to be performed after regular intervals. It is due to these tasks that makes machines last up to decades. On the contrary, the same machines are likely to break down just after few years of service, simply because of lack of maintenance actions. Same is the case with a human body. People who take good care of themselves, end up living a long healthy life than people who barely think twice about their intake. This applies even for athletes who are known to be physically fit and healthier than anyone else. As surprising as it may be for some people, athletes need to take extra care of themselves to maintain their physical strength. A significant part of this health-care is sports massage treatment that keeps their muscles and tissues fit for competitions. This massage is what makes the difference between the player who plays for nearly all life and the player who retires just after few years in sports. You would’ve seen many players retiring in their 30s due to some injury. Sports massage treatment prevents such injuries.  

The Benefits 

The reason Sports massage treatment is so stressed upon by medical experts in Mornington, is because it has numerous benefits for the player. It helps in increase of blood flow to the muscles; this prevents cramps and injuries. Increased blood flow also stimulates the nerve endings. Proper regular massage aids in the repair of tissue and fibers. Healthy tissues contribute to healthier muscles. By improving the state of the muscles and tissues, sports massage improves the efficiency of the player, significantly improving the strength and stretching capabilities of the player.  

Sports massage treatment also helps in reduction of pain. This is because, the strength in the muscles, combined with the waste accumulated, can cause pain and discomfort. Massage relaxes and loosens those muscles and gets rid of the waste in it. The increased blood flow takes more oxygen to the muscles, which aids in this entire process of relaxing the muscles. Massage also dilates the blood vessels. This not only improves the exchange of oxygen in the tissues, but also makes it easy for the muscles to get rid of lactic acid and other toxic material. Dilation of the muscles also helps in delivering sufficient nutrition to the muscles.  

The Dos and Don’ts 

There are certain Dos and Don’ts of Sports Massage. Following these, will help you get maximum results. These suggestions come from the experts of the field so you can easily rely on them. These dos and don’ts have been formed based on some of the common mistakes people, especially sports person make.  


If you experience any soreness or swelling after the training, consult the sports rehab clinic before continuing training/game. 

have regular check-up by a qualified physician to ensure the state of muscles and tissues. 

Let a professional sports massager cater to your muscles’ and tissues’ relaxation needs.  

Maintain a regular massage session before/after game. 


Continue training if you notice swelling or soreness in any muscle or joint.  

Stretch beyond your limits without the supervision of a physician or any other experienced professional. 

Attempt trainings without proper massage and relaxation of the muscles.